Our 2012 guest dog

Our 2012 guest dog
Our 2012 guest dog, Cornerstone's Revelation at Raglan PT "Rosy" ... you can come stay anytime, sweet girl!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pussy toes

One of my favorite odd plants, pussy toes grow in my side yard in the spring:

Baby cats at 10 weeks

They're getting bigger! And playing hard. I hope to give them some supervised time out of their nursery room this weekend.







Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random photos from Houston trip

So, Jean and I packed light this time :)

And we had healthy snacks:

Arkansas was a bust (but at least the tornadoes held off):

Tigger had his usual fine time in the motel tub:

Tigger supervised assembly of the Michigan specialty basket:

Oscar decided the nightstand made a wonderful den:

All beds belong to Pan-Tiggy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another goodbye

Well, I lost another kitty. Blinken was 10, and in fragile health, but it was still hard to say goodbye. He was blind, but you would never know it. He memorized the house in less than a day, and didn't let the rowdy dogs intimidate him. Best of all, he was the world's best snuggler. Just drape him on your shoulder and he was happy to stay there for hours. And he quickly staked out his nighttime spot on the pillow next to my head. Goodbye sweet Blinky boy, I know that now you can see and run and play. I'll be seeing you again one day.