Our 2012 guest dog

Our 2012 guest dog
Our 2012 guest dog, Cornerstone's Revelation at Raglan PT "Rosy" ... you can come stay anytime, sweet girl!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And then there were none ...

A little belated, but Miss Natasha has found her forever home! She has wonderful new parents, and a new brother, the lovable Pippin. I am so happy all the pups are in perfect homes. She is now known as Dixie, Raglan's Southern Belle. Be a good girl!


In just a few days, Henley and I will hit the road for Florida and his new home. It was a hard decision, because I love him dearly, but he needs more love and attention than I can give him. He's a sweet, wonderful pup, and I hope his new family soon sees his happy, goofy side. This is the downside of owning dogs. I will miss you, Richard Henry Lee. :(