Our 2012 guest dog

Our 2012 guest dog
Our 2012 guest dog, Cornerstone's Revelation at Raglan PT "Rosy" ... you can come stay anytime, sweet girl!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Boys on the move

Some candids from the National ... Reggie says he preferred hanging out in his crate NOT getting groomed and poofed and fluffed. Well played, Reg.

Baby Bolt

Little bro Henley

Daddy Tigger

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rosy's first major!

Congratulations to Miss Rosy for getting her first major Saturday at the Muncie Kennel Club show! She definitely had her game face on and was a joy to show. Special thanks to Nancy for doing some last-minute spiffing on her ... she looked MAHVELOUS! Rosy says she's finally getting the hang of this Puffy Show Dog stuff, but she can't wait to get back to her SHEEP!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby-Tigger Kids

August 12, 2010 ... It seems like only yesterday that Abby's Eleven hit the ground! Amy did a tremendous job of matching Abby with Tigger, supervising the breeding, getting Abby through her pregnancy and C-section, and then raising the pups to be happy, well-adjusted and obedient. They are typical of Amy's breeding program ... healthy, intelligent, well-structured, and sparkling in the ring and in the home. I can't thank her enough for letting Baby Bolt come to live in Michigan, he is a sweet-tempered boy and a joy. Following in his dad GCH Tigger's paw prints, he's already earned his CH, and I'm hopeful he might become half the herding dog his mom, HC Abby, is.

Bolt celebrated his birthday by taking a special walk in the park, all by himself. Then we went to the dog bakery, where he picked out a toy (a martini glass!) and some special dog cookies.

It all looks so good!

Apparently one must wear a silly hat before eating cookies.

I'm eating a butterfly!

The martini glass, deconstructed in 30 minutes. What took me so long?

So happy birthday to my sibs Dory and Elliot and Remy and Merlin (Boo) and Bella (Cinder) and Flora and Alice and Crush and Cooper (Nemo) and Buzz! You guys are the best!

And not to forget, happy birthday to Grandma Libby!